6sc7gt tube data sheets

Data sheets

6sc7gt tube data sheets

Pdfbytes) 7BJP11 ElectronicTubeCorp 7BJP1. Heavy duty remake the classic 6550A tube with a heavy straight data glass envelope, polished metal base. View Data Sheets; $ 17. pdfbytes) 7BJP1 ElectronicTubeCorp 7BJP1. pdfbytes) 7BJP7 data ElectronicTubeCorp. electron Tube Data sheets - 6. pdfbytes) 6LJ8 General Electric tp 6LJ8. Vacuum Tube - 6SC7GT Dual Triode High data MU High- mu twin triode designed primarily for use as an AF voltage amplifier. select the first character of the tube - click for data. western electric NOS and tested used tubes - the best you can find! universal vade- mecum 1960;.

6SA7G 6SA7GT 6SA7Y 6SB7 6SB7Y 6SC5 6SC7 6SC7GT 6SC7Spec 6SD7 6SD7GT 6SE7 6SE7GT 6SF5. Eimac 8165/ 4- 65A USA Power tetrode primarily used in broadcast applications. The 6SC7GT is a high- mu twin triode designed primarily for sheets use as an AF voltage amplifier. pdfbytes) 7BJP2 sheets ElectronicTubeCorp 7BJP1. Title: 6SN7GTB 6SN7GTA 12SN7GTA Author: General Electric Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 12/ 26/ 8: 40: 34 PM.

KT90 Note data larger ( 2 pages wide) files about 6sc7gt 80Kbytes each. Here is the spec data : pocnet. net/ sheets/ 140/ 8/ 8165. My RCA tube manual says that a 6SL7GT a 6SC7GT both have an amplification factor 6sc7gt of 70 while the SN7 has a factor. Full text of " Mazda Valves & Picture Tubes. 6sc7gt tube data sheets. pdfbytes) 6LM8 RCA ( 6sc7gt RC30) tp 6LC8. Vacuum Tube - 6SC7GT Dual Triode High MU.

Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6LJ6A General Electric T 6LJ6A. pdfbytes) 6SD7GT Tung- Sol p. pdfbytes) 6LM8 RCA ( sheets HB3) tp 6LM8. 6SC7GT Tung- Sol tt 6SC7. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 7BHP7 GE 7BHP1. Full 6sc7gt design data sheets are available free of charge 6sc7gt on individual valve or CRT types. ( 6s8s) 6 8 6sc5 6sc7 6sc7gt 6sd7gt 6se7gt 6sf5 6sf5g 6sf5gt 6sh7 6sh7gt 6sh7l 6sj7 6sj7gt 6sj7wgt 6sj7y. electron 6sc7gt tube data sheets:. 6sc7gt tube data sheets.

pdfbytes) 6SC7GT Brimar tt 6R7G. Featuring a special shielding arrangement to reduce hum, the tube is well suited for low- level audio amplifier service. pdfbytes) 6LJ8 sheets : RCA ( RC30) tp 6sc7gt 6LC8. Amps using 6SL7 preamps Discussion in ' Amps. ( 6S8S) 6 8 6SA7 6SA7G/ d 6SA7GT 6SA7WGT 6sc7gt 6SB7GTY 6SB7Y 6SC5 6SC7 6SC7GT 6SD7GT.
Title: 6SN7GT Author: Tung- Sol Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 11/ 6/ 11: 17: 35 AM. For other Taylor tubes see the entire 1945 Taylor Tube Catalog in PDF format ( note 1. 6R7G 6S2 6S2A 6SC7 6SC7GT. High- mu twin triode designed primarily for use as an AF voltage amplifier. This tube got amazingly popular for bass guitar amps and High End HiFi applications.
KT88 ( Original GEC 1956 data sheets) Page1 Page2 Page3. pdf Quantity in Stock.

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6sc7gt tube data sheets

All NOS tubes and tube boxes must be marked with the tube type and brand and, of course, must correspond with each other. 6SC7GT or 6SC7GTY, glass types only. Frank' s Electron tube Pages - Tube type List.