Preamplificatore ecc88 datasheet

Preamplificatore datasheet

Preamplificatore ecc88 datasheet

It will entirely depend on what you use for a pass transistor. Russian audiophile high- quality double triode 6N1P- EV. High reliability, long life non less 5000 hours. " ARCHIMEDE" : lesahifi. I chose the horizontal output transistor that I did so that I could handle the current in other projects preamplificatore preamplificatore if I wanted to.

Made in USSR by Voskhod factory ( Kaluga city, Rocket logo). Terminology ECC88 ecc88 – a VHF double triode datasheet with a 20 mm diameter thin glass ecc88 tube envelope having separate datasheet cathodes designed for service in the front ends of VHF radio receivers where one triode acts as the local oscillator while the other as the frequency changer or mixer 6DJ8 – a pair of screened triodes with a 20 mm ecc88 diameter thin glass tube. id= 10 ️ Are you interested in the ecc88 schemes? Title: ECC88 Author: Philips preamplificatore Created. Per the ECC88 datasheet, the preamplificatore max Ia is datasheet 15ma. Equivalent to the 6DJ8 / ECC88 / 6922. Preamplificatore ecc88 datasheet.

In test the Phono ( Mu- Follower) preamplifier with Mundorf Capacitors. ECC88 page sheet date.

Datasheet preamplificatore

DIY Audio Projects Forum: FAQ:. 6dj8 / ecc88 / 6n1p phonostage riaa preamp. The schematic for them is the standard one that you will find in the datasheet. 6DJ8 / 6922 / ECC88 / E88CC / CV2492 Make real world comparisons of most of our 6922 tubes with the Tube Comparison Tool. BLACK SABLE JJ E88CC / 6922 Gold Pin.

preamplificatore ecc88 datasheet

After finished my simple 12AX7 tube preamp, I decided to try other medium mu tubes, including the 12AU7 and also this 6922. The design is almost the same as the 12AX7 preamp, it is a single gain stage triode tube with cathode follower. I need the whole scheme ( circuit) or project for preamplifier with ECC88 or ECC82?